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Vanuatu5Want to help the thousands of people who’ve lost their homes and livelihoods to Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu this week? As people who know God’s costly rescue through Jesus, we have a great reason and a great opportunity to help.

This Sunday we’ll be taking up a special collection on behalf of the Presbyterian Church of Australia which shares a very strong partnership with Christian Churches in Vanuatu. These churches are in great need and also in a great position to serve their suffering neighbours by distributing our gifts where they are most needed.

So if you’d like to contribute, bring along your hard-earned to one of our Sunday gatherings and pop it in the everything box. Direct Debit details will also be available on the day.

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  1. David says:

    For those who didn’t make it to church this week, the direct deposit details are:
    Account name: Presbyterian Funds
    BSB: 032-000
    Account number: 003988
    Description: “Vanuatu”

  2. Ailsa Auld says:

    Let me encourage you to give generously to our brothers and sisters in need in Vanuatu. The Presbyterian Church has been involved with mission work there for about 160 years, and in which our family was privileged to play a part from 1964-1972 (then New Hebrides). The Ni-Vanuatu are a beautiful people, loving and forgiving, despite the terrible things that happened to them in the past. When Vanuatu became an independent nation in 1980, there was no bloodshed as the leaders of the nation were strong Christians, many of them pastors and elders of the Presbyterian Church.
    The island we lived on, Malekula, was not directly hit by the cyclone, but some damage was experienced there.
    Since the cyclone, my family have been keeping in touch with one of the former prime ministers and being kept in the picture regarding damage.
    I would like to tell you about my ‘daughter’ Lillian, a very dear part of our family. She is a widow, a woman of great faith, in recent years has been living outside Vila caring for a grandson.
    Lillian was born in a heathen village on Ambrym and heard the gospel when she was 12 and her family moved to a Christian village, and in the years following became a Christian. In 1971 Lillian lived with us for a year studying English and Bible in preparation for Bible College (being supported in this by friends in Australia).
    In making contact a couple of days ago, Lillian and her family are all safe, having taken refuge in the nearby home of an AOG pastor.
    Lillian is in good spirits and really positive saying she praises God that they are all alive and believing that out of this terrible thing good will come.
    Her entire house has been taken out of the ground with pieces of iron etc scattered in all directions and she and her grandson are living in a humpy made from whatever house debris they could salvage. Food wise, they are surviving on some salvageable manioc and bananas and coconuts, a bit of rice but no tinned fish or meat. Some clothing was saved by being stored in a suitcase.
    Our family have been able to help with immediate relief and a tent, bedding and other thing, are being flown out this week. Later when we know details, we hope to be able to help with rebuilding her house. I know she is only one of many, but maybe this could be something our church family may be able to assist with in time.

  3. Mark Tirris says:

    Hi Ailsa, thank you for sharing that with us. It helps it be more personal for us who don’t feel any connection to Vanuatu.

    I met some people from Vanuatu at NTE conference some years ago. I remember One particular man who sat with me and we prayed together. He told me about his country and how hard it is to visit other islands and get around their country. He loved Jesus and wanted more people to know him.

    This morning Daniel (a youth) and I prayed for the country and people. I also want to be generous to them in other ways.

    May the people turn to God in this time and help Australian people grow in love and generosity.

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