Why does God let people use religion as a tool for war?

Last week, we looked at the question, How could a good God allow suffering? We looked at pain and suffering, and how the answer is found in Jesus.

We all know and can see that war results in pain and suffering, and in a few weeks we will look more closely at the question: isn’t the church behind war and injustice?

The question of war and religion is one we are often faced with – last term someone asked the question: why does God let people use religion as a tool for war? Here’s some food for thought…

We can see throughout history, and even in recent events, stories of war being fought in the name of religion or in the name of their gods. Why does this happen? Why do people use religion as a tool for war? Are they genuinely trying to bring about justice? Or is it for their own good? What is the reason behind their decision to proclaim war?

We all want to see justice in our world and see good things happen but realistically, is it possible for people to bring about true justice? This may be why people appeal to God in the name of war. We see our own failings and injustices, and feel the need to appeal to a higher power or a higher sense of justice when we go to war.

This brings us back to the question: why does God let us try and work out justice in the world? Maybe we should ask: Is it our job to make the world a just place, or does God have his own way of resolving injustice?

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