Year 6 night this Friday

This week at youth there is a year 6 night (7-9pm at the park ave building). Anyone in year 6 is free to join us. If ya know anyone who would be keen please let them know.

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3 comments on “Year 6 night this Friday
  1. Beccy C. says:

    It was great to see so many yr 6’s at youth last night!!! Hope you all enjoyed it!! 🙂
    It was also great to see so many normal (if such a word can apply to a youthie) youthies at youth last night! keep up the great work everyone!

  2. Josiah Kinscher says:

    of course normal can be applied to me
    but yes a very good night

  3. Trev says:

    Whats normal never meant any one normal be for would like to one day but not sure what they look like. But I know lots of regular people 🙂
    Thanks to the hard working leaders for the time put in and the love of sharing the gospel message .
    I know my youthies (kids) in joy what they learn and have fun as well.

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