Year 13 to Fiji

On Sunday I got the opportunity to explain to our congregation what I have been up to in terms of year 13 and what’s coming up.  The downside was I didn’t really get to explain what I’ve found encouraging, or challenging, about it all so far, except to a few people that I got to talk to after the service.
So, I just want to stress, year 13 is excellent!  Even just the idea of being able to serve God in Lismore, with my church family, while also building relationships with other Christians my age and with God, is awesome.  Not to mention the fact that as part of the year 13 group I can go to Fiji to help build up the churches and youth ministries there, as well as strengthen relationships between the Fijian and Australian Christian communities.
One of the most exciting things about all of this is that I am able to do it in partnership with my church family at Southern Cross Presbyterian Church, essentially including our whole church in everything that I learn and experience.  This hopefully includes the encouragement that I have found in getting to know the other year 13ers while I was in Sydney, the joy in being able to grow closer to God through studying the Bible more, as well as the excitement that I am feeling as the short tem mission trip to Fiji draws closer.
Perhaps the thing that I am most looking forward to about the trip is the youth leadership conference that we will be involved in.  At this conference we aim to not only build up the skills and maturity of youth ministry workers, but also break down barriers between denominations in Fiji that can often be a hindrance to the work of the gospel.
Another thing that I will be involved in is “walk up evangelism”.  We will be doing this in the Lautoka markets, and it would be great if you could be praying that we would be courageous in proclaiming Jesus, and for the people we come in contact with, that God would be softening their hearts.
Even though this is an amazing opportunity to proclaim the gospel and build up disciples, it is also reasonably expensive, as it is an entire month of unpaid ministry work.  If you could be prayerfully considering helping me out in this area, I’d be very grateful.  If you would like to know more please call the church office on 66213655.
Thanks for your prayers and support!

Brad Herd

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