Youth Leader Profiles: Jasmin Ritchie

At SCPC we love our youth and that means we love our youth leaders. You may have a teenager in YOUTH, be someone who has been through YOUTH, or be currently going to YOUTH. We thought it’d be good to share the youth leader profiles so that we can know and pray for our leaders a bit more.

My role as a youth leader is to mentor and lead the senior girls (year 11-12) and to be Ritchie’s helper where I can. I’ve been a youth leader for 3 years and feel very blessed to be involved in youth ministry. Some of the things I get to do as a youth leader include leading Friday night bible studies, meeting one-to-one with a couple of the senior youth girls, praying for my youth and sharing life with them. It’s a privilege to be involved in the youthies lives and to share in their laughter and their tears. I love watching the senior girls blossoming into beautiful Jesus shaped women. It’s such a joy to see youthies understand the Gospel and live it out in their lives.


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