More details about ministry with TBT and AFES…

On Sunday, Katharine Crosslé shared with SCPC a bit about the changes that are happening in TBT.   One of these changes is that she will be employed by the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES), and not SCPC, as Wade is.  This means that TBT fundraising is now done a little differently.  To help clarify the changes, here are a few facts about AFES and TBT:

  • Who are AFES?… The Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students co-ordinates over 40 Christian groups (just like TBT) on uni campuses all around Australia.  They employ people (like Katharine) to serve Jesus and the students on campus, and to train the students in serving and proclaiming Christ at uni.
  • If you’re an existing supporter of TBT… we would love it if you would continue in partnership with TBT’s gospel ministry.  To do this, you can fill out one of the green AFES Financial Response Forms (dating the direct debit to begin on 01/01/09), and then in January, cancel your existing direct debit to the old TBT account.
  • If you’re thinking about supporting TBT… The TBT ministry is expanding – Katharine is the first TBT female staffworker, and in 2010, Akos Balogh will come on board to oversee TBT’s ministry.  An expanded ministry requires more funds – and we’d love as many who are able to join us in TBT’s ministry by giving financially.  As we shared on Sunday, many people giving just $10 or $20 a week will go a long way to supporting the TBT staff and ministry.
  • If you’ve decided to support TBT financially… it’d be a great help if you could fill out one of the green AFES Financial Response Forms and either post it to AFES, or put it in the Everything box at church.  AFES requires that Katharine has 75% of her finances pledged before she can start work on campus in January – so these green forms are crucial to getting TBT off the ground in 2009!  Alternatively, you can give online to TBT (
  • If you’d like to pray for TBT… For more details, chat to Nicky Pryor or grab one of Katharine’s fliers from the welcoming desk.

Useful links…
Give online to TBT:
(select “Southern Cross University”)

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel!

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One comment on “More details about ministry with TBT and AFES…
  1. mark says:

    I am looking for a man who is interested in moving on the Uni college (magellan) next year with me to have a Christian presence there and to be able to support each other in outreach and activities such as bible studies and hospitality.

    let me know if you interested or want any further details.


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